She is Starfire’s older sister, yet the two couldn’t be more different. Blackfire enjoys excitement and getting into mischief. She also possesses all the traits that make a villain great, including cunning, duplicity, immorality, sadism, and lack of remorse. When she convinces Starfire into imagining that she’s being soft with her, the two hardly ever get along with each other. She is continually attempting to eliminate Starfire in one way or the other, first by getting her captured and then by attempting to wed her to an oozing alien. She enjoys sparring with her small sister and showing her younger sister how superior she is by being stronger and older. They serve as the ideal representations of sibling conflict. One could say she is a tomboy. She always irritates Starfire and has an extremely snarky sense of humour. In addition, Blackfire is very conceited and enjoys relating anecdotes about herself.

The Story Of Blackfire

In the episode Sisters, Blackfire was first shown when she came to Earth. She feigned to love being with Starfire while giving her a centauri diamond. She gained the Teen Titans’ support by enjoying their company and entertaining them with tales of her galactic journeys. Starfire was starting to worry that the Titans would not require her around any longer because they seemed to enjoy her so much. Her sister’s efforts to flirt with Robin particularly infuriated her. Starfire was apprehended by the Centauri Cops when she contemplated leaving Earth. She was saved by the Titans, who also informed the Centaurians that they had the unknown Tamaranean in custody.

The Titans later learned that the elder sister had sent Starfire a stolen jewel from the Centauri System to frame her for crimes. Starfire beat her after one of her star bolts struck her right hand as she was about to leave Earth. She was about to launch another attack when the Centauri Police caught her from behind and arrested her. She then vowed to exact revenge on her sister.

Later, she escaped from jail and took over Tamaran as its brand-new Grand Ruler. She decided to take revenge on Starfire by making her wed the repulsive alien Glgrdsklechhh. In reality, this was all a part of her and Glgrdsklechhh’s sophisticated plan to gift her with a highly potent diamond by getting Starfire married to Glgrdsklechhh.

In issue #46, she makes her last appearance and reveals that she sends Madame Rouge to the Teen Titans base dressed as Wildfire. As soon as Starfire learns of this trick, she faces Blackfire in her Tamaran prison cell and excommunicates her as her blood sister for conducting such a heinous ploy. We discover more about their past in this issue, including the fact that Blackfire had used Starfire as a negotiating tool with the Gordanians to prevent them from invading Tamaran. This information indirectly foreshadows the events of “Go!” and the subsequent formation of the Teen Titans.

She also makes an appearance in the final issue, but she is a creation of the Phobia, a villain who was making the Titans experience their worst fears.