Pedicures are not only for the comfort of your feet. They are a form of art that simultaneously offers relaxation, self-care and style. From timeless French pedicures to the latest nail art designs, you will find you’re favourite. Read on to learn more about different pedicure techniques and trends for healthy and beautiful feet.

Basic Pedicure Procedure

A pedicure usually entails many steps to make sure of stunning feet. Firstly, the pedicurist soaks your feet in warm, soapy water. That makes the skin and nails softer, making it easier to complete the task. Afterward, they will use a foot file to exfoliate the dead skin layer.

Next, the pedicurist will trim and shape your toenails. They may also push back the cuticles if necessary. Last, they massage your feet and calves with nourishing creams and oils. It follows a relaxing massage that improves blood flow and decreases muscular tension.

Popular Pedicure Trends

After your feet are massaged, you get to enjoy the fun part. You can opt for different pedicure styles and nail art designs. Traditionally, a French pedicure will mean painting the toenails with transparent pink polish and white tips. This classy look will suit any occasion.

Try a pedicure Ottawa with intricate nail art designs for something more creative. Pedicurists with different kinds of polishes and tools can create unique patterns. Popular patterns may include flowers, geometric shapes and even small artworks. Today, new techniques like stamping and water marbling are also used to design intricate patterns.

Trendy Pedicure Techniques And Products

The pedicure industry keeps changing, and new techniques and products appear. One of the main trends these days is the application of gel polishes, which last longer than standard nail polishes. The other is the use of essential oils and sea salt scrubs.

Pedicures would sometimes include additional services like paraffin wax treatments or hot stone therapy. Such services not only pamper your feet but also have the added advantage of therapeutic features. Regardless of your taste, there is a trend that fits every style.

At-Home Pedicure Tips

While nothing beats a professional pedicure, you can maintain results at home:

  • Soak And Scrub: Treat your feet by soaking them frequently and using a pumice stone to softly scrub them.
  • Massage With Lotion: Apply a thick foot cream when moisturizing your skin.
  • Reapply Polish: Use fresh topcoat every 2 to 3 days for a long-lasting shine.
  • Avoid Going Barefoot: Wear sandals or flip-flops to protect your nails. Also, don’t wear tight shoes.
  • Use Gentle Removers: Gentle yet effective nail polish removers will save your nails.

With some simple tools and effort, you can make your pedicure last.


Pedicures are more than just beauty treatments; they are a form of art. You can have healthy and beautiful feet by knowing the techniques and trends. From the traditional French pedicures to the fashionable nail art designs, there’s something for every taste. Engage the salon’s foot care services often. Or maintain them at home. After all, it’s your choice.

Get introduced to pedicure techniques and care for your tired and aching feet.